PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Tiger Woods called the Achilles injury Kevin Durant suffered in Monday night’s NBA Final “sad’’ to see.

“As athletes, we’ve all been there to that spot when you just know it, that something just went, and can’t move, can’t do much of anything,’’ Woods said. “And you can see it on his face, how solemn his face went. He knows it when things pop. You just know. I’ve been there. I’ve had it to my own Achilles. I’ve had it to my own back. I know what it feels like.

“It’s an awful feeling, and no one can help you. That’s the hard part. And whether he has a procedure going forward or not, or whatever it is, his offseason, what that entails, that’s the hardest part about it is the offseason or the rehab.

“If he popped it, then that’s six to nine months of rehabbing. What people don’t see is all those long hours [of rehab] that really do suck. And why do we do it? Because we’re competitors. As athletes, our job is to make the human body do something it was never meant to do and to do it efficiently and better than anybody who is doing it at the same time. Well, sometimes things go awry. And we saw it [Monday] night with Kevin.’’

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