Photo: Boniface Mwangi/Twitter

Activist Boniface Mwangi carrying a dummy bullet labelled #StopKillingUs (file photo).

Activist-cum-politician Boniface Mwangi has been released from police cells.

Detectives had arrested Mr Mwangi at his home on Monday afternoon and drove him to the Central Police Station where he recorded a statement.

According to a statement seen by the Nation, he is accused of organising a revolution against the Jubilee government,

He is alleged to have been plotting a ” revolution likely to cause civil unrest and also cause a breach of peace”.

Mr Mwangi who has had several run ins with the law in the past, refused to state anything in his statement as with regards to his arrest.

“I have understood the statement raised by the inquiry but I have nothing to say. That is all I wish to state for now,” the activist wrote in his statement that was circulated on social media.

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