Polling Results: MDC 780 , ZANU PF 361

The MDC has reported serious intimidation and violence by Zanu PF youths in Kadoma Ward 2 where a by election is being carried. The party has raised the red flag through their twitter handle that the Deputy Mayor Tendai Kokera has been assaulted. An MDC MP, Chinyan’anya has now been picked up by police for reasons that are not yet disclosed by the law enforcements.

The Ward 2 council seat fell vacant after the MDC-Alliance councillor Michael Gore was jailed almost 6months ago for inciting violence during the popular protests in January 2019. The MDC Secretary General announced yesterday that the former councillor Gore had been released from police detention on bail.

The allegations of violence come after a NewsDay journalist was arrested yesterday on charges of taking police officers manning a roadblock. The journalist Nunurai Jena had his phone confiscated from him before being detained at Rimuka Police Station.

The UK and USA embassies in Zimbabwe have renewed calls to the Zimbabwean to allow citizens to express their basic freedoms after the latest crackdown on Human Rights activists in the country. The MDC has also called on the SADC and AU to intervene in calling for dialogue in Zimbabwe to end what they call ‘siege’ of their newly congress elected party officials. Zanu PF officials including the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity, Nick Mangwana have called these allegations ‘fake news’ and have denied that the torture wounds that are being circulated on social media are from new cases. Mnangagwa’s government has generally been viewed as ineffective in clamping down on the old ‘bad apples’ in its administration and security forces.


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