The 2019 elections officially came to a close on Saturday night. While the ANC maintained its majority in the National Assembly, the vote has taken its toll on both the governing party and the official opposition, the DA.

IEC chairperson Glen Mashinini brought the 2019 general elections to a close on Saturday night by announcing the official results in Tshwane, where he declared the ANC the winner, taking 57.5% of the vote and 230 seats in the National Assembly.

Mashinini said 13 of the 48 political parties that contested the elections won seats in the National Assembly, with the ANC and DA losing seats in Parliament and across most provincial legislatures.

The ANC’s result was significantly lower than the 62.15% it won in the 2014 elections, meaning it lost 19 seats in the National Assembly, down from 249 to 230 seats.

But the ruling party improved on its showing in the 2016 local government elections, when it managed to win a mere 54% of the vote nationally in what was widely seen as an emphatic rejection of the corruption that took hold during former president Jacob Zuma’s administration.

The big question now is whether President…

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