A United Kingdom-based Charity organization Impilo Revival is hosting a fundraising event to build a storage, where they can store all collected donated essential life saving medical equipment and medicines destined for hospitals in Bulawayo and surrounding hospitals in Zimbabwe.

The event is pencilled for Saturday 8th June. Delegates are expected to be seated at 1800hrs.

The program which will be held at the Renaissance hotel Heathrow will be graced by Mr Elisha Karodza, the Deputy Head of Zimbabwe Mission in the United Kingdom.  It is sponsored by ExpressLink, ABUCUS shipping company and NHS England.

Speaking to this publication on Friday Founding member Mrs Judy Olonga said, “After witnessing lack of resources in Bulawayo referral hospitals it was a situation not to be ignored, but needing a spontaneous reaction. Having lost my brother who died a hospital. I turned my grief into wanting to make a change by forming a charity to support our communities .”

Olonga revealed that Impilo Revival Charity is a registered charity in the UK and has teamed up with some NHS organisations to collect unwanted stocks of consumables since 2014.

Up to date they have airfreighted some donations and shipped 3 containers.

“Patients die from common treatable diseases, the young and the old,” Olonga added. “I believe that as Zimbabweans we can work together and improve care in our hospitals that way lives can be saved.

“The challenges are that we lack resources in monetary form we ask people to take monthly subscriptions as little as £3-5 a month will go a long way. If you feel it in your heart the need to donate more please do it for our family and community. We would like to equipment and sundries in a dry area.

“We are inviting all fellow Zimbabweans in and around London to attend our fundraising on Saturday 8th June 2019 from 18:00-01:00 at the Renaissance hotel Heathrow Postcode TW6 1AQ.”

Impilo Revival aims to provide essential treatment and care for all patients in Bulawayo and surrounding Hospitals; In particular, Mpilo, Central, United Bulawayo Hospitals and Ingutsheni Psychiatric Hospital.

Their goals are to raise funds to purchase medical equipment and supplies, provide safe essential treatment and care for all patients and to revive and support hospitals in Zimbabwe as best as they can.

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